Vertical roller mill is a collection of material crushing and grinding of large grinding equipment, it can be widely used in cement, silicate, building material, refractory material, all kinds of metal and non-metallic minerals, glass, ceramics and other manufacturing industries.

Vertical roller mill maintenance mainly in several aspects:

1, All the load bearing for machine, so good lubrication for the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the service life of machine and availability, and requirements into lubricating oil must be clean and seal must be good, the machine’s main oil, all rotating bearings, roller bearings, gears, bearings, sliding plane;

2, The tire of the newly installed easily loose must often check;

3, pay attention to each part of the machine working normally;

4, Pay attention to check the easy wear parts wear degree, watch to replace worn or damaged parts;

5, Put activity unit chassis plane, should be out dirt and other material to avoid activities when machine can’t broken material bearing can’t move on the chassis, so that a serious accident;

6, Bearing high oil temperature rise, should immediately stop check reason to eliminate;

7, The rotation gear in sound operation, if there is impact should immediately stop check, and remove.

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