Generally speaking, the price of Raymond mill usually more cheaper than other grinding mills, and compare with other grinding mills, the Raymond mill usually has a stable performance, the capacity of Raymond mill can up to 20 t/h, and the fineness powder making range is between 50 mesh to 450 mesh, can meet most customers demand, so there is no doubt the Raymond mill is one of the hot sale powder making machines in the market.

Guikuang Raymond mill is the Raymond roller mill which is good at Guikuang powder making machine, according to the Guikuang’s physical property, the working principle can be introduced as follow:

When the Raymond mill is working, the grinding roll, under the action of high pressure spring and centrifugal force, rolls close up to grinding ring, its rolling pressure ratio is 1.2 times of common roller mill given an identical condition, and its output may increase 10% to 20%; Please note that when the grinding roller and grinding ring reach a certain degree of abrasion, please adjust the length of high pressure spring to keep the constant grinding pressure between grinding roller and grinding ring, so as to ensure a stable output and fineness.

The Raymond mill’s working principle is same as high pressure grinding mill, to be honest, the high pressure grinding mill is also one of the typical Raymond mills; however, the price of Guikuang Raymond mill is really cheaper that other grinding mill, we usually can get a Raymond mill between $30000-$50000, and if you also need other grinding machines, such as: stone crusher, powder packing machines, the price will more expensive.

Guikuang machinery is a professional powder making machine manufacturer, we can supply whole set powder making program for you. No matter you wanna process Guikuang, calcium carbonate, gypsum or other mineral powder, welcome to choose us as your cooperation partner. Contact us now get more discount. Thanks for your reading.

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