17Apr 2018

Utility of building gypsum Building gypsum was widely used in construction industry in the world. Recently, with the development of processing technology, building gypsum has already become an irreplacable building material in modern construction and upholster industry Building gypsum can be used in making: 1.Gypsum board 2.Gypsum putty 3.Gypsum line 4.Moulds 5.Craft   Gypsum Production […]

04Jan 2017

[customer cases]: GK1720A The new mill [PROJECT]: Shanxi  Desulfurization limestone production line [Material]: Limestone [Particle size]: 200 mesh [Yield]: 19-20t/h [Customer Evaluation]: He always said: surprise! Surprise!! a domestic first-class digital automation, from the rubble after dump to the factory, only  A management of unmanned powder production line. On October 18, 2015 the official line […]

28Sep 2016

[PROJECT]: Ma site [Material]: Calcite [Size]: 420 mesh [Yield]: 12t/h [Customer evaluation]: Zheng Zong said: equipment performance is stable. High yield, small vibration, the collection rate of up to 97%, workshop environmental health. The intelligent operation reduces the labor cost, the oil filling time is prolonged, the production efficiency is improved, the cost is reduced, […]

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