Material: Calcium carbonate

Model: GKLM1250


Final Product Size:1250-2500mesh


Running time: 2009 till now

Case study
A mining company in India intended to produce calcium carbonate powder with fineness of 5-10 micron; the requirement of capacity was 1.0 ton per hour. They had a Raymond mill which can’t meet their desired fineness. The feeding size of the raw stone was 12″-14″. They had a primary 16″×10″ jaw crusher. Based on customer’s situation, we recommended full set of GKLM1250 Ultrafine mill for their requirement. The mill was installed in 2009. It is running perfectly in India now.

Production Process
Raw material of 12″-14″ size was primarily crushed by the client’s jaw crusher down to 2″ and then entered our hammer crusher PC400×300. After secondary crushing, it would be less than 0.4 and discharged to bucket elevator.

The elevator sent the material to storage hopper. There was a vibrating feeder under the hopper. The feeder fed material to main unit of GKLM1250 mill evenly and continuously. When the material was ground in the mill, the blower blew the powder to classifier. The classifier impeller was rotating at adjustable speed which was controlled from control cabinet. As per client’s requirement, powder less than 10 micron would be separated by classifier. Bigger powder fell down then was reground over and over again.

10micron and less than 10micron powder went to the cyclone collector with the air from blower and were collected in the cyclone collector. Powder would be discharged from the discharge valve to become the final products. The bag filter would clean the outgoing air to protect the environment.

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