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TSP is made of natural carbonate minerals, such as calcite, marble, limestone, heavy calcium mill is essential in heavy calcium production line, through a series of advanced processing equipment; heavy calcium powder could be used in rubber, plastic stool areas, of which TSP for artificial stone as filler is an important usage. According to market […]

A. Manufacture of glass. Glass production materials are limestone, quartz sand, soda ash, etc., these materials can be obtained after high temperature melting. B. Refining steel. In industrial production, limestone is iron melting solvent and runner; the use of quicklime can be used as slagging materials, filter out sulfur, phosphorus. C. Filling materials for rubber, […]

Material: Calcium carbonate Model: GKLM1250 Capacity:1t/h Final Product Size:1250-2500mesh Location:India Running time: 2009 till now Case study A mining company in India intended to produce calcium carbonate powder with fineness of 5-10 micron; the requirement of capacity was 1.0 ton per hour. They had a Raymond mill which can’t meet their desired fineness. The feeding […]

Material:Talc, Calcium carbonate Model: GKLM1100 Capacity:1.2-1.5 tph Final Product Size:1250mesh Location:Cairo-Egypt Packaging machine: LD1 (25kg per bag) Case study A factory in Egypt intended to set up a talc and calcium carbonate powder processing plant. They heard about GK from our old clients there, so they have been interested in cooperating with us. Their requirement […]

Raymond mill can be used for calcium carbonate, as calcium carbonate is the main composition of stone and rock. If you have some acquaintance about Raymond Mill, you would know Raymond mill is suitable more than 400 kinds of stones and rocks whose hardness less than 7 in Moh’s scale. So as the extraction – […]

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