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Calcium carbonate powder is widely used in many industrial fields. vertical roller mill is an equipment that promotes the creation of value for calcium carbonate grinding projects and realizes large-scale pulverization. Based on customer needs, We produces professional vertical mill equipment to help calcium carbonate grinding projects reduce energy consumption and increase output.     […]

Ultrafine mill equipment is a professional grinding equipment. The new Raymond mill can grind 80-400 mesh powder, while the vertical roller mill equipment is an environmentally friendly grinding mill.     Introduction of superfine calcium carbonate mill   This paper mainly introduces the ultrafine mill equipment for grinding fine powder. The mill has the advantages […]

The application and influence of calcium carbonate in various industries is relatively large. In the paper industry, calcium carbonate can make the paper have good brightness, firm structure, easy writing, uniform coating, low friction, easy moisture removal, and easy drying. In the plastics industry, calcium carbonate can play a skeletal role in plastic products; in […]

Calcite is a widely distributed mineral and is the most common natural calcium carbonate. Calcite is the rock-forming mineral of the Earth, occupying more than 40% of the total earth’s crust, and its types are not less than 200. Representative origins are China, Mexico, Great Britain, France, the United States and Germany .

Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound, the main components are limestone and calcite. Calcium carbonate can be divided into two categories: heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate. Due to the nature of the particle size, crystal form, the interface is difference, its characteristics vary widely, so that the activity of calcium carbonate extends to […]

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