TSP is made of natural carbonate minerals, such as calcite, marble, limestone, heavy calcium mill is essential in heavy calcium production line, through a series of advanced processing equipment; heavy calcium powder could be used in rubber, plastic stool areas, of which TSP for artificial stone as filler is an important usage.

According to market research, resin-based artificial stone is new organic / inorganic composite building decoration materials, based on unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin for agent, adding a certain amount of curing agent and aggregates, pigments, with beautiful, practical, safe, environmental protection and other characteristics, is the fastest growing man-made stone varieties. Heavy calcium carbonate resin-based artificial stone is the most important filler, generally accounting for more than 75% of artificial stone, and the bigger the amount of filling, the less resin consumption, the lower the cost of production, also the more environmentally friendly. Therefore, to increase the amount of heavy calcium carbonate filled as much as possible, while not to change the mechanical properties and other properties of resin-based artificial stone is one of the main technical development direction.

With the application of TSP powder continuously expand, the market value of TSP also been highlighted, the application of heavy calcium milling machine is also popularized. Guikuang heavy calcium mill is an advanced equipment with stable performance, excellent quality, cost-effective, praised by majority of customers.

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