Process description:

The material is evenly fed into the tube bundle dryer through the feeding box, belt and screw feeder. The desulfurized gypsum is pre-dried in a tube bundle dryer with waste heat from the power plant as the heat source. As the temperature of the desulfurized gypsum increases, the free water in the desulfurized gypsum is removed while the temperature is raised, which can make the desulfurized gypsum dry. Then it is fed to the waste heat steam boiler of the power plant for calcination, and the desulfurized gypsum continues to heat up for calcination to remove part of the crystal water in the dihydrate gypsum until a semi-crystal water is removed, and the calcination is completed. In the production control, the addition amount of stable desulfurization gypsum is used, and the temperature of the conducting steam is adjusted to adjust the temperature of the boiling furnace discharge.

Selection of process plan:


Desulfurized gypsum is pre-dried by tube bundle dryer, calcined in boiling furnace, modified by modified mill and other production processes
Boiling furnace model:FC2500
Heat exchange area:2500㎡
Design Capacity:600t/h
Heat load:14.46×106kcal/h

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