Since founded in 1973, GUIKUANG has witnessed the development of three generations of China Pendulum Mill ,along with the growing steps of customers. “GUIKUANG” brand pendulum mill, from the smallest model of 2R2613 to the Aisa largest model of GK2500, now has owned the most complete models of pendulum grinding mill in China. GUIKUANG was restructured from state-owned enterprises into private enterprises in 2013 and the original name "Guilin Mining Machinery Factory" was renamed as "Guilin Mining Machinery Co., LTD." After reformation , GUIKUANG has been devoting to developing China grinding mill with new management philosophy, approach and attitude, in order to create more value, opportunities and wealth for customers, employees, and the community.

Company Development Strategy: Product technical innovation as a new starting point for the development of enterprises;  Enterprise development leads the technology development of grinding mill industry.

Product Development Goals: To develop,research and build China grinding mill.

In order to build a modern enterprise, GUIKUANG is constructing  new factory. The new factory will be implemented by modern enterprise management system. It gives priority to machining center and the welding process will be operated by robots. Much better product and service will be provided with clients.

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