Material: bentonite

Model: GK1500
Capacity: 4-5 t/h

Final Product Size: 200mesh

Location: Tianjin, China

Case study
Bentonite powder was widely used in many industries. The client from Tianjin want to build a bentonite grinding plant, which is able to produce 200mesh bentonite powder. After visiting many companies, he finally accepted his business partner’s recommendation to use GK design.

When the engineer got in touch with this client, the engineer asked much more information besides the desired powder size. Then we recommended GK1500 Mill and some related equipments to him. After consideration, he purchased these equipments.

In the whole process of the transaction, the customer was very pleased with our service. Now the GK1500 runs stability and brings him successful business. He expressed that he will cooperate with us again in the future.

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