Equipment:GK2500 European Grinding Mill

Input Material: limestone

Capacity: 300,000Tons/year

Day operation: 24 hours

Feed: limestone

max feed size: ≤30mm

fineness 250 mesh -325 mesh

The company purchased 3 sets of GK2500 European version grinding equipment from Guikuang for processing limestone and finished ore powder for power plant desulphurization in the surrounding power plant. The using effect is very good and become the largest power plant desulfurization powder supplier in the surrounding area.

Client feedback
“Before we buy the powder, we have seen the state of the world’s equipment on-site at the customer site. On-site feedback is very good. We purchased three sets of equipment. From technical programs, sales process, after-sales service and other parts are very good. Guikuang quality, the world state brand, great!”

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