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As a large-scale processing equipment, vertical roller mill is the ideal equipment for non-metallic minerals to increase production capacity and improve finished product quality. In the calcite powder milling industry, GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., vertical roller mill has a good reputation in the market, high grinding efficiency and long service life. The ideal calcite […]

As continuous development of China’s automobile industry, and tremendous development of domestic economy, more and more cars come to our families, so far the quantity is about 250 million in China, and it will become larger year by year. After pyrolysis, we can get metal parts, heavy crude oil, gas and carbon black. Metal and […]

Advantage of slag vertical roller mill equipment The new vertical roller mill equipment is selected to grind solid waste such as slag powder, which can effectively assist the production. The new type of vertical milling equipment integrates crushing, grinding, grading and powder collecting. The equipment has high grinding efficiency, large capacity and low energy consumption. […]

For iron ore projects, the vertical roller mill equipment is the equipment to meet the grinding demand of the industry. In order to help you understand, we systematically introduce the vertical mill equipment from the following aspects.             1、Detailed parameters of mill   1)Grinding mesh:22-180μm       2)Capacity per […]

GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., is a specialized manganese ore processing equipment and manganese ore crushing equipment provider. It provides a wide range of manganese ore crushers and manganese ore mills according to the customer’s actual needs. Its manganese ore processing equipment, manganese ore production line, manganese ore processing equipment, manganese ore crushing equipment and […]

Vertical roller mill is the ideal equipment to increase production and efficiency. It integrates crushing, grinding, classifying and powder collection as a whole. This solves the production bottleneck such as low capacity and high energy consumption of common mill, and has scientific and reasonable design structure. The grinding materials include high humidity materials, dry materials, […]

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