Generally speaking, when vertical roller mill is working, there are three main ways to adjust the fineness. They are the adjustment of the motor speed, the adjustment of the swing position of the grinding roller, and the adjustment of the air volume of the fan.



First, The Adjustment Of Motor Speed

This method is mainly to adjust the spindle speed of the vertical roller mill by a large margin, so that the positive pressure of the grinding roller against the grinding ring can be changed, and the grinding effect can be changed. In addition, the adjustment of the fineness will change the output. The motor power of the main engine and the blower can be appropriately increased to increase the output.


Secondly, The Adjustment Of The Swing Position Of Grinding Roller

Inside the mill, the grinding roller is one of the important parts for grinding limestone. If the limit position of the grinding roller swing is restricted, a gap is formed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the gap can be adjusted at will, so that the grinding can be greatly adjusted Strength and control the particle size, and then change the fineness requirements.


Third, The Adjustment Of The Air Volume Of The Fan

This method is mainly to increase the flow rate of the blower, and greatly adjust the wind speed and air volume in the mill. This is more commonly used in the production process of the mill. From the principle of the winnowing flow rate is proportional.


In the actual production process, no matter which type of mill is selected, these methods of adjusting the fineness are all applicable.

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