19Jun 2020

1.it is gradually more more hot, vertical grinder machine try not operate under the open air. 2, in the day-to-day maintenance, the operator should regularly review the status of various parts of the smooth, protective gear joints smooth oil supply. 3,The vertical grinder machine is a steel structure, the Raymond mill surface dust and the […]

24Jun 2020

The vertical roller mill of a complete set of equipment by the host, high-density classifier, connection pipes, high efficiency and energy saving of centrifugal induced draft fan, box bag dust catcher, crusher, winnowing pan hoist, storage hopper, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet, etc; To improve the efficiency of crushing, eliminates the shattered on the […]

03Jul 2020

There are five kinds of industrial talc according to color: Pink talc, white talc, green talc, grey talc and black talc. The reason why talc has different colors mainly depends on the color of the minerals associated with talc. When it contains a certain amount of organic matter, the talc is black to gray. The […]

05Jan 2021

Deeply plowing the field of mill manufacturing for 49 years, Guikuang has a wealth of experience in mechanical processing and manufacturing. According to the needs of the market and customers, Guikuang has developed a variety of special ore mill equipment to meet non-metallic mines, solid waste residues, coal mines, thermal power plants, Grinding demand in […]

03Feb 2021

Vôi sống là gì? Tên hóa học là canxi oxit, và một loại thiết bị được sử dụng trong công nghệ chế biến vôi sống được gọi là máy nghiền. Nói chung cần được nghiền thành bột 200-325 mesh. Máy nghiền bột vôi nhanh Raymond do Guilin Mining Machinery cung cấp là phiên bản mới […]

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