23Jun 2020

Customers should choose mill machine according to material. For example, a food mill machine is applied for food micronizing and a plastic mill machine is applied for plastic micronizing. As for ores or stones, a set of vertical stone grinding mill will be best. Then the fineness of powder should be taken into account. It […]

30Jun 2020

In the process of utilizing fly ash,the fineness of fly ash have some influence on the formation of intensity,the finer ash particles,the higher the intensity.So the critical thing is that we should select a milling fineness,high performance milling machine in processing fly ash. Vertical powder grinding mill is an advanced grinding equipment.it is based on […]

06Jul 2020

ultra fine powder grinding equipment for barxite The process flow of the ultra fine grinding mill with fine powder is scientific, which can mainly include crushing, grinding, grading and powder collection. The following will introduce the details of these steps. (1) Broken After jaw crusher, the original ore can be broken into 10mm material; (2) […]

23Jun 2020

When the material contains too much moisture, it should be dried before grinding. Because the over high moisture content may affect circulating air, and lead to explosion.Working principle micronization equipment is very simple. No matter what kind of ore material it is, as long as it is brittle, Mohs hardness fewer than level 9 or […]

01Jul 2020

The cement is the common construction material, Industrial used in Portland cement fineness range between 100-300 mesh; And requiring a superfine cement particle diameter D50 can fine below 1 um, that nanoscale the largest diameter does not exceed 18 um on3dmax, more than 80% of the particle size below 5 um, what the superfine cement […]

07Jul 2020

is a material made by grinding various non-metallic ores. It has many functions such as filling, modification, energy saving, and substitution. It is widely used in industry, construction and other fields. We produces a complete range of stone powder processing equipment. Of course, it can also process stones of many different materials, including limestone, calcite, […]

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