The vertical roller mill of a complete set of equipment by the host, high-density classifier, connection pipes, high efficiency and energy saving of centrifugal induced draft fan, box bag dust catcher, crusher, winnowing pan hoist, storage hopper, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet, etc; To improve the efficiency of crushing, eliminates the shattered on the impact of the main shaft, prolong the service life of the roller shaft, choose powder can be greatly improved accuracy and efficiency.

1, The innovative design grinding roller and grinding ring. Compared with Raymond mill, the grinding roller and grinding ring of vertical roller mill into multistage ladder shape design, reduces the material in the trapezoidal slip velocity between grinding roller and grinding ring, prolong the time of material to improve the fineness of finished goods and production.

2, The highly effective balance compression spring. Ladder-shaped from Raymond mill and the advantages of suspended roller mill, roller assembly through pull rod and horizontal spring connecting together, its produce radial force to avoid the big materials into the grinding chamber of main shaft and bearing loss, improve the service life.

3, Host and classifier using soft connection, damping spring and sealing with the vibration and noise reduction, also to avoid the resonance.

4, High density, high precision impeller device.

5, High efficiency and energy saving of centrifugal induced draft fan. Fan mill in the whole operation process, has played a crucial role, ladder-shaped adopt efficient energy-saving fan impeller type, efficiency ratio of straight blade fan is greatly increased.

6, Compared with Raymond mill, the vertical roller mill makes the clearance between housing and end of powder concentrator’s blade adjustment convenient, quick, greatly improve the accuracy of the finished product.

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