It may be that the grinding materials are out of specification. Many materials in the mine production are directly mined for the production and processing of ultra-fine vertical mills. Sometimes the physical properties of different materials cannot meet the requirements of ultra-fine vertical mills. Production range, in this case, once the material is put into production, the ultra-fine vertical mill will also stop.

The correct operation method is not adopted. As large-scale grinding equipment, it is said that if some parts are not used with correct production operation technology, not only the expected output in the production of the equipment can be achieved, but also ultra-fine vertical grinding will occur.

The equipment has problems of failure and aging in the province. If it is not found and processed in time, it will cause downtime in the production of ultra-fine vertical mills.

The lubrication of the equipment is not timely or the material is blocked, which can cause the sudden stop of the ultra-fine vertical mill.

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