Any machine has its own service life, and the vertical roller mill is no exception, but it is essential to extend the life of the vertical roller mill, the correct method of use and reasonable maintenance. To maintain the vertical roller mill, you must start with the following aspects: machine lubrication, wear parts replacement, and fastening of various parts of the machine.

The vertical roller mill is a production equipment for industrial powder. The mass production of industrial dust always causes a certain degree of pollution inside the machine. In the dust pollution of the machine, the damage caused by the pollution of the bearings and other parts of the machine is serious. Dividing into the main city will cause the friction between the bearings to increase, causing a series of phenomena such as bearing heat and wear, and even causing damage to the machine. In order to prevent serious pollution of the dust randomizer, it is necessary to do the lubrication of the vertical roller mill. In the vertical roller mill machine, there are two lubrication methods: rare lubrication and grease lubrication. The thin oil lubrication inside the reducer below the vertical roller mill can remove the dust impurities and heat inside the bearing through the thin oil, protect the bearing from dust pollution, and protect the bearing from excessive heat damage. The separator on the upper part of the vertical roller mill is greased. The grease lubrication can reduce the friction between the bearings and reduce the chance of bearing damage.

Wear parts are a major expense for vertical roller mills and are essential for making powder products. The material is ground in the gap between the grinding disc and the grinding sleeve, causing the wear of the two kinds of wear parts. If not replaced in time, the parts under the grinding roller and the grinding disc will also be worn, which will lead to a sharp increase in operating costs. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the wear parts in time. In addition, the distance between the grinding roller and the grinding disc should be adjusted in time with the wear of the wear parts to ensure the normal operation.

The vertical roller mill is assembled from a large number of fixed parts like screws. The looseness of any fixed part may cause the destruction of the mill. Therefore, check the machine carefully before starting the vertical roller mill. Whether it is fastened. When you hear an abnormal sound when the vertical roller mill is working, stop it and check if there is any looseness.

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