Ferronickel slag is the solid waste discharged from the smelting process of nickel or ferronickel alloy. It has become the fourth largest smelting industrial waste slag after slag, steel slag and red mud. At present, the treatment of ferronickel slag is mostly simple stacking and landfill, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop the reuse of ferronickel slag. Through the research of personnel of various professional institutions, it is found that nickel slag mainly has several recycling values. The first process is to recover precious metals from nickel slag. The second process is to grind nickel slag powder into mineral powder for concrete production. The third process is to use nickel slag to prepare forsterite multiphase refractory. In fact, the first two methods have been widely used at present. The third method makes the use of nickel slag no longer single, but a new use. This paper mainly introduces how to process nickel slag into ore powder and the technology of nickel slag vertical mill grinding micro powder.

How to process nickel slag into mineral powder?

According to the research , the invention uses nickel slag to produce new mineral powder and its preparation method, which is prepared from the following raw materials by weight percentage. The nickel slag is 60-80% and the slag is 20-40%. The hydration reaction is carried out through mechanical mixing and stirring, and then enters the drying kiln for drying at 100-150 degrees to form mineral powder products with new mineral composition and new activated glass lattice. Finally, the dried mineral powder products are ground into new mineral powder products. The new mineral powder product of the invention can increase the output by 40% and save electricity by 40%. It saves energy and resources, saves farmland stacking and landfill costs, and saves production costs. It provides a new technical scheme for the treatment of nickel slag, makes a large number of nickel slag be used, reduces the pollution and damage to the environment, and realizes the new technology and new process method of resource utilization of solid waste.

Micro powder grinding process of nickel slag vertical mill

The material blanking pipe falls to the center of the grinding plate. The grinding plate rotating at a constant speed disperses and paves the raw materials outward evenly with the help of centrifugal force to form a material bed with a certain thickness. The materials are rolled and crushed by multiple grinding rollers on the grinding plate at the same time. Under the continuous driving of centrifugal force, the materials move towards the outer edge of the grinding disc. The materials leaving the grinding disc encounter the hot gas entering the mill through the air ring and rise accordingly, and enter the separator through the middle shell of the mill. In this process, the materials have a full heat exchange with the hot gas, and the water is evaporated rapidly. The powder concentrator controls the fineness of finished products at the outlet of Kun mill. Particles larger than the specified size are separated and fall back to the grinding plate. Materials meeting the fineness requirements enter the finished product warehouse through the separator

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