The water slag grinding mill is a special equipment for turning solid waste into treasure. As an influential equipment manufacturer, We is deeply concerned about the resource recycling market in the field of solid waste such as water slag, slag, steel slag, coal gangue, etc., and concentrates on developing new vertical roller mill equipment to help the solid waste slag Market improve the comprehensive utilization value and make greater contribution to environmental protection.

With the further development of powder market, the new grinding mill equipment has become the grinding mill equipment of water slag industry. Vertical roller mill is a special mill in water slag field. It has many advantages and high grinding efficiency.

(1) It integrates crushing, grinding, grading, drying and conveying into one, which is efficient and energy-saving, and is the mainstream equipment in the grinding industry.

(2) It breaks through the disadvantages of traditional grinding mill such as low production capacity and high energy consumption, and its performance reaches advanced level.

(3) It has more abundant grinding materials. Raw cement, clinker, slag powder, manganese ore, gypsum, barite, coal mine, calcite and other materials can be ground. High humidity, dry materials, difficult to grind materials, easy to grind materials, etc. can be used to vertical roller mill.

(4) Its design is reasonable and its structure is more scientific. It is a dry grinding mill equipment for increasing production and reducing cost.

(5) It can be directly ventilated with hot air and has strong drying capacity. The moisture content of the feed is as high as 15%, which can meet the requirements of different humidity materials while drying and grinding.

(6) PLC automatic control, it can achieve remote control, operation is more simple, reduce the cost of labor investment.

(7) Good environmental protection effect

It is an ideal new technology of energy saving and consumption reduction. It has high technology and many advantages.

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