Iron ore is a common raw material in iron and steel plant. Grinding iron ore powder can be processed by iron ore vertical roller mill equipment, grinding to 200 mesh is a common fineness. As a professional grinding mill equipment manufacturer, We recommend the application of vertical roller mill to grind 20 mesh iron ore powder, which is conducive to creating greater value for iron and steel industry.


Vertical roller mill equipment is specialized in iron ore vertical roller mill equipment used in iron and steel plant. Compared with the traditional mill, it solves the problems of low production and high consumption, scientific and reasonable design, more ideal structure. It is a professional equipment in cement raw meal, clinker, power plant desulfurization lime powder, slag powder, manganese ore, gypsum and other industries.


1)Introduction of advantages


The vertical roller mill for grinding iron ore has many advantages, such as professional, energy saving and large capacity.


Environmental protection: the system has little vibration and low noise. It is a new technology for energy saving and noise reduction.


Large capacity — large single machine capacity, higher grinding efficiency.


Automation — it uses PLC full-automatic control, remote control, more simple.


The finished product is good — the grinded powder has beautiful grain shape, less iron content, higher whiteness and purity.


Strong drying: the equipment can be equipped with a dryer. The moisture content of the feed is as high as 15%. It can be dried and grinded at the same time, saving the cost of purchasing the dryer.


2)Principle and process introduction


The scientific working principle of iron ore vertical roller mill mainly includes the following aspects:


Crushing – crushing the raw ore with a crusher.


Grinding – materials are crushed by continuous extrusion, grinding and shearing.


Grading – fine powder will be brought into the classifier by hot air for grading


Powder collection – qualified powder will be collected by the dust collector into finished products.

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