Superfine grinding machine is a special equipment in the field of fine powder deep processing, which is also the main equipment discussed in this paper.

We have comprehensive mechanical properties of rolling, grinding and impact. The fineness of grinding powder can be between 325-2500 mesh, which is an energy-saving grinding equipment for fine powder processing, economical and practical. Its advantages are as follows:

1) Large crushing ratio and high energy utilization rate

The utility model has the advantages of low consumption in the production of powder by high-speed impact crusher, and the fineness of the product close to the air flow mill.

2) Grading fineness: uniform and fine

It adopts the forced turbine classification system, with uniform and fine particle size, so that the fineness of the finished product can be easily adjusted between 0.04mm (400 mesh) and 0.005mm (2500 mesh).

3) Dust collection efficiency up to 99%

It adopts the full pulse dust collection system, with the efficiency of 99%, and the kinetic energy of ash cleaning is higher and more thorough. It is a technology developed to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

4) Less abrasion, less vibration and more compact structure

The grinding wheel and ring are made of special wear-resistant steel, which improves the service life. The base of the main engine adopts the integral casting structure, which not only ensures the structural strength, but also has good shock absorption performance.

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