In order to help you understand the special fine grinding machine for heavy calcium,We will give you a systematic introduction from the following aspects.






1、Technical parameter


①Grinding 325-2500 mesh powder, fineness can be controlled, adjustable.




②High capacity, 1-22t per hour.




③There are many grindable materials, such as marble, dolomite, heavy calcium, calcite, calcium carbonate, potassium feldspar, etc.




2、Advantages and characteristics


The crushing ratio of the fine powder mill is large, forced turbine classification, fine classification, and more competitive. Full pulse dust collection, efficiency of 99%, clean and more thorough. The whole casting is used for the base of the main machine of the mill, which has good structure, good shock absorption, more wear resistance of the grinding wheel and ring, better material and longer service life.




3、Process of grinding mill


The process flow of ultra-fine ring roller mill mainly includes crushing, grinding, grading and collecting. The crusher will crush the raw ore into 10 mm material. Due to the roll grinding effect of the grinding roller, the material is crushed and ground. Under the action of air flow, the material is blown to the classifier for screening; the coarse and fine powder falls into the main machine for regrinding, and the qualified powder flows into the pulse dust collector to collect and become the finished product.

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