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The ultrafine mill equipment for grinding fine powder has comprehensive mechanical crushing properties such as rolling, grinding and impact, which is an economic and applicable equipment for fine powder deep processing. It has been certified as an energy-saving and consumption reducing equipment in the field of ultra-fine processing of calcium carbonate in China. It covers […]

The ultrafine mill for grinding calcium carbonate powder has the mechanical properties of rolling, grinding and impact. Its powder fineness can be controlled between 325-2500 mesh, with high fineness, good type and high added value. The whole machine fine classification, green environmental protection, with pulse dust collector dust, efficiency of 99%. The grinding mill has […]

1、Main parameters of ultrafine mill To introduce the equipment, we need to understand the technical parameters of the ultra-fine grinding mill. The fineness of the grinding powder can be between 325-2500 mesh, and the production capacity can be between 1-22t / h. with the in-depth development of the fine powder project, the ultra-fine mill can […]

Introduction of equipment and technology for heavy calcium processing   Ultrafine mill machine is a kind of deep processing equipment for grinding heavy calcium fine powder, which is energy-saving, economic, environmental protection and high powder yield. It has comprehensive mechanical properties such as rolling, grinding and impact. Its technology is scientific and reasonable, including crushing, […]

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