Introduction of vertical roller mill for water slag

We generally recommend customers to use vertical roller mill equipment. Compared with other equipment, this kind of vertical roller mill is an ideal professional grinding mill for solid waste residue. It is newly upgraded, with high grinding efficiency, large production capacity, noise reduction and environmental protection. It is an ideal equipment for grinding water slag. Its advantages are as follows:

Environmental protection: full negative pressure production, low noise, small vibration, good environmental protection.

High grinding rate: large production capacity of single machine, high grinding rate of mill.

Automation: it uses PLC automatic control, remote control, more simple.

Excellent finished products:The finished product has good particle shape, good particle size and good whiteness.

Strong drying power:The equipment can be hot air, strong drying force, while drying and grinding.

Easy maintenance: it is more convenient to replace the liner of roller sleeve and overhaul the mill.

Process introduction of vertical roller mill for slag

The main process of water slag vertical mill is crushing, grinding, grading and gathering. Each step is scientific and simple.

Crushing link: crushing raw ore with crusher

Grinding: under the pressure of grinding roller, the material is extruded, ground, sheared and crushed

Classification: the ground powder enters the classifier for classification;

Powder collection: how to collect qualified powder? Collected by dust collection equipment.

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