Put the base of the transmission device into the pit and maintain a suitable height. Use a level to correct the upper plane “A” and fix the bolts.


When installing the main machine, in order to avoid vibration in the future production, the user is best to put a rubber anti-vibration pad on the contact between the lower end of the base and the cement foundation. The accuracy of the main machine of the vertical mill must be maintained during the installation of the main machine of the vertical mill.




Control the position and height of the piping device according to the general plan. Do not increase or decrease the height of the equipment arbitrarily. The pipes must be sealed well, and no air leakage can occur after tightening.


The following are the installation requirements:


1. The contact between the grinding disc liner and the grinding disc seat should be greater than 75%.

2. The deviation of the main shaft in the separator housing relative to the center of the reducer is 0.1mm/m.

3. The center line of the roller shaft intersects the center line of the reducer, and the deviation is 0.5m.

4. Install the raw material vertical mill so that the centerline formed by all the grinding rollers coincides with the centerline of the reducer, with a deviation of 0.5m.

5. Hydraulic systems such as hydraulic cylinders, accumulators, etc. should be pressure tested, and the test pressure is 1.25 times the nominal pressure.

6. The deviation between the vertical and horizontal center of the screen on the base of the reducer and the center line of the base frame is 0.5m.

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