With the unprecedented development of the city builidings, where the construction waste will go, the river, the sky?No, they are not its place to go. It will bring serious environmental pollution. So,we have to help it to find a proper home.
Guikuang worked to develop Mobile crushing plant used in the reprocessing of construction waste. The mobile crushing plant is composed of crusher , feeder ,vibrating screen ,centralized cabinet, belt and so on ,they install in the car and convenient. It includes tire mobile crusher station and crawler mobile crushing station that can choose flexibility according to the processing environment. The integration equipment of crushing and screening , to achieve high efficiency, small footprint and no secondary pollution. It can crush construction waste into different sizes of aggregate to reuse.
The mobile crushing plant of Liming heavy industry brings a green home to construction waste and reduces the energy consumption. It not only brings huge economic benefits for investors, but also promotes the development of environmental protection cause.

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