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Mobile crusher is an ideal equipment for crushing construction wastes. Mobile crusher set feeding, crushing, transmission, processing and reprocessing equipment as a whole. It has reasonable structure and lots of functions. It overcomes the disadvantages of decentralized operation multifarious of equipment components. Compared with fixed crushing plant, mobile crushing plant can realize in-site treatment.

With the unprecedented development of the city builidings, where the construction waste will go, the river, the sky?No, they are not its place to go. It will bring serious environmental pollution. So,we have to help it to find a proper home. Guikuang worked to develop Mobile crushing plant used in the reprocessing of construction waste. […]

Construction waste is distributed in the corners of various towns. The better way to solve construction waste is to use it again after crushing and processing. It is not only energy-saving but also environmentally friendly. The mobile crushing plant with a capacity of 200 tons per hour is popular with a large number of people. […]

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