Pyrophyllite is a layered hydrated aluminosilicate clay mineral. Usually processed into crafts. Pyrophyllite after grinding is often used as paint, and it is also a good raw material for making siding. Pyrophyllite is a very soft silicate mineral. Because its Mohs hardness is between 1-2, there are many milling equipment available. The following is the feasibility analysis of Raymond mill for pyrophyllite milling.

Feasibility analysis of Raymond mill for pyrophyllite grinding

1. The Raymond mill is mainly suitable for grinding various non-flammable and explosive ore materials with Mohs hardness not greater than 9.3 and humidity below 6%. Pyrophyllite is a kind of very soft silicate mineral. The Mohs hardness is between 1-2, which is completely within the grinding range of Raymond mill;

2. The fineness of the pyrophyllite powder after being ground by the Raymond mill is better, and it can be directly used in production without further processing. Therefore, compared with other equipment that requires multiple repeated grinding treatments, the Raymond mill is more efficient.

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