There are five kinds of industrial talc according to color: Pink talc, white talc, green talc, grey talc and black talc. The reason why talc has different colors mainly depends on the color of the minerals associated with talc. When it contains a certain amount of organic matter, the talc is black to gray.

The main mineral composition of black talc is usually composed of talc, quartz, calcite, sepiolite, organic carbon, etc. The color is black to grayish black. The main chemical components of black talc are magnesium oxide, silicon oxide, alumina, iron oxide, titanium oxide, sodium oxide and potassium oxide.

Black talc ore is mainly used as the body of general ceramics. Calcined talc is used for high-grade ceramics such as polished bricks and glazes. The main components of black talc are magnesium oxide and silicon dioxide. As a filler of chemical industry, it can be used in paint, paint, plastic, cable, white paper, medicine, textile industry, wall and floor tiles, ceramic industry and other fields, with considerable market prospects.

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