As a supplier of grinding equipment, We are optimistic about the market of slag powder. Therefore, with many years of experience, he has developed and produced slag vertical grinding mill, which integrates crushing, drying and grinding together. Finally the finished products with uniform fineness are got and the pass-through screening rate is high.

When slag vertical grinding mill works, the process includes feeding, grinding, drying, collection and slag discharging. The process is reasonable and the system is compact. Moreover, the roller grinds materials directly on the grinding disc, which saves energy consumption by 30%-40% compared with the ball mill. In structure, it has hydraulic device. The roller can be turned out of the machine by hydraulic device. The space for replacing the roller liner is large, and the maintenance operation is convenient and fast. The new type of roller sealing device makes the sealing more reliable and does not need to seal the fan. The slag vertical mill is lubricated by thin oil of grinding roll shaft, and it is compulsory lubricated by circulation. It is safe and reliable, and has long service life. The flour separator is controlled by frequency conversion, and the fineness adjustment is convenient and fast, and the particle size is stable. In addition, due to the role of hydraulic device and limit device, the gap between grinding roll and grinding disc can be adjusted to a constant gap with wear, ensuring grinding pressure and stable capacity.

For the process system of slag vertical grinding mill, the general layout includes raw material conveying system, vertical grinding system, finished product conveying system, storage system, electrical system, etc.

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