Bentonite Mining Process

The bentonite ore is generally irregular soil mass after mining, and contains about 25%-28% of water. It is firstly dried in the storage yard to remove part of the surface water, and then crushed by a crusher to a particle size of 3-5cm. After processing, feed into the vertical mill.



Vertical Mill For Bentonite Processing Feature

Adopting material bed grinding, the grinding pressure is adjustable, the powder selection efficiency is high, the fineness adjustment range is wide, and the product adjustment is convenient;

Single machine has high output, low loss (power consumption and abrasion), low noise, and low negative pressure dust;

The whole line is controlled by PLC with a high degree of automation.

Production Practice Problems And Solutions

Material Moisture


Due to its particularity, bentonite needs a certain amount of water to exert its application activity. The difference in the water content of the material entering the mill will affect the stability of the vertical mill.


The moisture of bentonite into the mill is usually 10%-18% (moisture after drying) or even higher. Hot air in the grinding process can effectively solve the problem of grinding efficiency

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