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The vertical mill is not only a representative grinding machine for energy-saving and noise reduction, but also a grinding machine with scientific theory and high grinding efficiency. Guikuang’s dolomite vertical mill is a mill machine that is deeply loved by customers. It is an ideal mill for large-scale processing and production, and mill equipment that […]

The technology innovation of vertical grinding mill not only integrates advantages of many well-known grinding mill, but also carries out independent innovation. The innovations include grinding technology, design method, equipment structure and system control, and makes the performance more excellent. At present, vertical grinding mill has been widely used in cement production, steel and power […]

1. Start up Vertical mill 1) Turn on main switch 2) Start air compressor, adjust air pressure of oil-water filter to 0.6-0.7 Pa. 3) Turn on bag filter pulse controller, adjust the pulse frequency to one spray every 4-5 seconds, adjust pulse width to 0.5-0.8 seconds (pulse controller was set before delivery) 4) Switch on […]

Trong lĩnh vực xỉ chất thải rắn, Guilin Mining Machinery có thể cung cấp máy nghiền xỉ niken chuyên nghiệp, máy nghiền đứng xỉ, máy nghiền xỉ nước và các thiết bị khác. Nghiền bột xỉ niken, Guilin Mining Machinery cung cấp thiết bị máy nghiền đứng để tăng sản lượng, giảm tiêu thụ, giảm […]

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