Cement clinker is the main raw material for making cement powder. Cement manufacturing process steps as follow:



Raw Meal Preparation

After the limestone is crushed, it is sent to the grinding head feeding silo with clay and other auxiliary materials through a conveyor. After the ingredients are metered, they are fed quantitatively into the raw material mill, dried and ground.


Clinker Calcination

Clinker calcination is a key link in cement production, including preheating-decomposition-calcination-cooling-waste gas treatment and other processes.



Made Of Cement

Cement grinding is the final process of cement manufacturing, and it is also a process that consumes more electricity. Its main function is to grind cement clinker (and gelling agents, performance adjustment materials, etc.) to a suitable particle size (expressed in fineness, specific surface area, etc.) to form a certain particle gradation and increase its hydration area. Accelerate the hydration rate and meet the requirements of cement paste coagulation and hardening. Clinker and gypsum are sent to the cement mill to be ground by a quantitative feeder.

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