vertical roller mill has many wear parts. These wear parts include grinding roller, grinding millstone, classifier vane and other wear parts. This article will introduce the vertical roller mill wear parts from the function and texture of material.

Vertical Roller Mill Grinding Roller
As the main wear part, grinding roller is an entire part and it also includes many small parts, such as grinding roller, roller shell and roller core. Grinding roller is the main part to bear weight and it bears the grinding roller weight and the grinding roller rotating power. Its main texture is 42CrMo and it is a kind of super strengthen steel. This steel has high strength and toughness. After processing, it has high ability to avoid fatigue and impact. The low temperature impact toughness is good and it is the first choice for bearing high strength weight and power. Roller shell and roller core are the important parts and the core is installed on the grinding roller. Roller shell is outside the core. When grinding materials, the grinding roller shell will directly contact with materials and make wear. It can protect the core off wearing. The grinding roller and roller core are made with high-chromium iron which has high strength and hardness.

Vertical roller mill millstone will be used to hold materials. It is installed on the reducer and with the rotating of the reducer. The millstone material is also the high-chromium iron. This design is convenient to change and save costs. When the millstone one part is worn it needs to change this part not the whole one. It can avoid reduce the operation costs.

Vertical roller mill classifier is a part which is easy to be worn. Classifier vane is used to avoid disqualified materials entering into the powder collector. Under the function of wind, materials will move the powder collector through the classifier. These materials will impact with the classifier and the disqualified materials will fall down and to be grinded again. The classifier vane is easy to be worn by materials.

The above three parts are the main wear parts of vertical roller mill.

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