Manganese minerals have a long history of utilization. In China, the use of manganese minerals can be traced back to the Neolithic Weihua period of Caitao about 4500-7000 years ago. In that period, because the color of pyrolusite is black, it is easy to dye. For the ancients, it is a kind of magic pottery coloring pigment.

In chemical industry, manganese dioxide, manganese sulfate, potassium permanganate, manganese carbonate, manganese nitrate and manganese chloride can be made from manganese ore. In metallurgical industry, it can be used for steelmaking and ironmaking.

Manganese ore with broad market prospect attracts more and more customers’ investment. The introduction of a high-output and environmental friendly manganese ore grinding production line can be conducive to the production of high-quality powder, so as to realize the improvement of manganese ore value and obtain high market benefits.

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