When vertical roller mill grind materials, it has previous advantages than the other grinding mills. These advantages make the vertical roller mill can make the vertical roller mill can be used in some fixed industries and other materials processing line. Here will introduce the vertical roller mill advantages.

Oil lubricating. With the development of grinding mill, more and more machines have reasonable design, humanization manufacturing. The vertical roller mill adopts the oil lubricating and it is very convenient to have the lubrication system. At the same time, it can make this lubricating process automatic. It can make the machine lubrication at any time if the lubrication system has oil. It will not make the machine break down.

Reasonable design of rocker, grinding roller and millstone. The vertical roller mill adopts the bed materials grinding working principle. The grinding roller and grinding roller bushing are hanging on the up through rocker. When there is material on the millstone, the material will enter into the grinding roller and millstone. Under the movement of millstone, materials will be grinded. This design will prevent the collision of grinding roller and millstone and prevent the damage. Besides, the grinding roller bushing can be used on the contrary side. It can save iron resources and save the operation costs.

Wind speed and classifier can be adjusted and it can control the final end products size. These two devices are used to adjust the final end products size, fan delivery speed, classifier rotating speed. Users can through the wind speed to control the powder materials to control the end products size. When the wind is large, final products will be coarse. On the contrary, it will be fine. Through the adjustment of classifier rotating speed, it also can adjust the final end products size. When the classifier rotating speed is faster, the fine materials will be passed and the size will be smaller.

Environmental friendly. It has strict requirement for current environment. In the production line of vertical roller mill, it has cyclone collector and bag-type dust collector these two protections. Both of these two devices will collect materials and they can also prevent the powder enter into air. It will reduce the pollution and make the vertical roller mill grinding is environmental and it meets the environmental friendly requirements.

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