Sand making machine, also called vertical shaft impact crusher, has wide applications in various rocks, cement, fireproof material, bauxite clinker, construction material, aggregate and some other industries. During the operation process of sand making machine, there are some frequent problems that will affect the efficiency and effect. In the following part, we mainly talk about reasons and solutions about the frequent problems in sand making machine.


Frequent Problems In Sand Making Machine

Strong Vibration Of Sand Making Machine



Wear-resistant parts on impeller are seriously damaged;


The feeding size of raw material is too large;


There is block in the impeller passage of sand making machine.




Change the damaged parts with new one;


Reduce the feeding size of raw material;


Clean the blocking materials.


Too Large Final Products Size



Belt conveyor in transmission part loosens, leading to the reduction of operation efficiency of impeller, so the final products size increases.




Adjust the tightness of belt conveyor. For long time operation sand making machine, operators should pay attention to the tightness of belt conveyor.


The Bearings Heat



The bearings are lack of lubricating oil or there are dusts entering the lubricating oil;


The bearings are damaged.




Adding lubricating oil or clean the bearings;


Change the damaged bearings with new ones.


The Idle Resistance Is Too Large



There are raw materials or some other foreign bodies enter the seal cover of bearings in sand making machine, making the bearings cannot operate flexible. It will increase the idle resistance.




Open the seal cover of bearings and clean the raw materials or foreign bodies out.


Metal Clash In Sand Making Machine



The scale board or impeller falls off.




Operators should stop the sand making machine immediately and re-tighten the scale board or impeller.

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