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Let us to introduce the factors to affect the sand making machine capacity. First, the first factor is composed of sand processing material, for example, impurities in the material being processed, or some of the more fine dust, and then transport these dust process, are particularly vulnerable to stick inside the sand making machine, which […]

Sand making machine is a new type of high-energy and low-consumption sand making equipment launched by GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. It has advantages of advanced technology and superior product performance, and has incomparable features compared with similar sand maing machine in the market. Since it was launched to the market, the selling is very […]

With the development of infrastructure, urbanization construction, the repair of roads and bridges, natural sand and gravel gradually reduced. It has been unable to meet the needs of infrastructure. Natural resource cycle is relatively long, so research and development the resource to replace natural sand is being a project by the construction industry. At present, […]

At present, many projects at home and abroad applies the vertical shaft impact crusher as the main sand making machine, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, good sand particle shape, low operation cost, small amount of civil engineering and installation works. It also can reshape small and medium-sized stones. The production process is […]

Expressway construction is an important part of national infrastructure construction. Government departments attach great importance to the quality of the project, and the construction party is very concerned about the quality of sand and aggregate because it is basic raw materials of the construction. New sand making machine provides guarantee for the quality of sand […]

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