ultra fine powder grinding equipment for barxite

The process flow of the ultra fine grinding mill with fine powder is scientific, which can mainly include crushing, grinding, grading and powder collection. The following will introduce the details of these steps.

(1) Broken

After jaw crusher, the original ore can be broken into 10mm material;

(2) Powder Grinding

The crushed materials are raised by the bucket elevator and stored in the hopper, and then fed into the host cavity for grinding by the given amount. The material is crushed and ground due to the rolling of the grinding roller;

(3) Classification

Pulverized powder is blown to the classifier above the main machine by the air flow of the blower for sieving, and the powder with excessive thickness will fall into the main machine and be ground again;

(4) Collecting Powder

Powder of the fineness of the specifications is collected by the dust collector into a finished product.

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