As a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the preparation of stone production line, Guikuang is aimed at the solid waste field of slag industry. The principle of slag vertical roller mill technology is scientifically produced, and the price and selection scheme are scientifically matched, which is to improve efficiency, enhance market competitiveness and expand production capacity. Preferred equipment. In the field of mill manufacturing, Guikuang is a high-tech enterprise trusted and supported by the industry. Guikuang people uphold the excellent business philosophy of quality and service, and determined to supply more ideal quality selection solutions for customers.

1, professional mill manufacturer Guikuang
As a high-tech manufacturer with deep development, Guikuang has never been sloppy in product quality and after-sales service. As the years increase, it constantly improves the shaping of products and service capabilities, only with stricter manufacturing standards. In order to achieve the quality of products and services, we can gain a foothold in the market torrent, develop our own development path, and enhance market competitiveness with a product service that strives for excellence, and open up a broader sky. GK is the top grinding and grinding machine manufacturer in Asia. It is committed to providing more advanced Raymond mills, slag vertical roller mills, ore powder vertical roller mills, superfine mills for non-metallic mineral milling enterprises. After grinding and grinding equipment such as grinding mills, GK mills are not only very popular in China, but also have a wide range of applications in foreign milling.

2. What is the principle of Guikuang slag vertical grinding production line?
As an ideal equipment dedicated to slag processing and production, Guikuang slag vertical grinding is integrated into drying, grinding, grading and conveying. It consists of main machine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper and electronic control system. , collection system and other components. The motor driven reducer drives the grinding disc to rotate, and the material moves to the periphery of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force and enters between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. Under the action of the grinding roller pressure, the material is crushed by grinding, grinding and shearing force, and is ground. The powder is blown by the airflow of the blower to the classifier above the main machine for screening. If the particle size is too thick, it will still fall into the main machine for re-grinding. If the fineness meets the specifications, the wind will flow into the pulse dust collector, and after being collected, it will be discharged through the powder discharge pipe. After the finished product, the purified gas flows into the atmosphere through the pipe on the pulse collector and flows into the atmosphere.

3. How much is the price of the vertical grinding stone production line?
For the slag vertical roller mill price, each customer’s on-site production needs are different, and the required configuration options are different. If there is a slag processing selection plan, customers are welcome to provide more detailed processing material name, product fineness, geography. Detailed information such as location, according to this information, Guikuang professional production team can adapt to local conditions, customize the exclusive selection configuration according to customer needs, and develop a more reasonable slag vertical grinding price plan, for customers, it is more For the ideal choice.

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