The following is a brief analysis of the hazards and preventive measures of the belt conveyor belt in the vertical roller mill production line.

After the belt conveyor is broken, the tape will naturally fall and the conveying opportunity will be reversed. If there is a broken belt in the conveyor that is running with full load material, then the upper and lower tapes will slide to the bottom, and the combined materials will bury the tail together, which will also cause great damage to the equipment itself. In addition, the tape will irregularly sway when it slides down, causing irreversible damage to the conveyor itself. In this process, parts such as side tubes and rollers are also damaged to varying degrees. What is more serious is that the lost control conveyor damages the surrounding cables, pipes and other paving materials, destroying the circuit and the entire production line, or causing fires. In severe cases, it will endanger personal safety and cause heavy damage to production.

In order to avoid the above phenomenon, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the break. In the vertical mill production line, we must first strengthen management, develop rigorous conveyor operation, maintenance system and charter responsibility system, and strengthen technical training for relevant personnel. It is forbidden to transport ultra-long and overweight equipment, try to avoid heavy-duty start-up, and avoid large pieces of materials or other foreign matter jammed tape. Strengthen the inspection and daily inspection of the conveyor to ensure the normal operation of the roller, replace the faulty roller and the deformed roller frame in time; strengthen the inspection of the tensioning device to ensure that the tension is within the allowable range.

In addition, the quality of the quality of the vertical mill production line must be selected, using qualified joint vulcanization process and materials to ensure the quality of vulcanization. The joint inspection and real-time monitoring of the condition of the joint and the steel wire core are carried out. It is found that the phenomenon of twitching and broken wire of the steel wire core, damage and foaming of the cover rubber, cracks and the like should be dealt with in time.

During the daily work of the vertical mill, attention should be paid to the regular maintenance and inspection of the belt conveyor. Pay attention to the operation when using it. If it is found that there is a broken belt fault, stop it in time and find the cause of the fault and solve the problem.

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