15May 2019

Ultra-fine grinding machines have many uses for processing limestone, which have been integrated into people’s lives, and all kinds of electrical appliances require electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the pollution to the environment while generating electricity. With the global climate change, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and environmental protection has […]

24May 2019

Cement water demand in cement manufacturing has attracted the attention of cement users, especially in the commodity concrete developed areas; more and more users of cement put forward higher and higher requirements for water demand. Concrete producers want to choose cement with small water demand, which will affects the competitiveness and price of cement products, […]

04Jun 2019

No matter what kind of machines or equipments, lubrication work is necessary to the powder grinding mill. So if we want to use our grinding mill in a long time, we must do maintenance work well, and the lubricants work is one of the important works. What kind of lubricating oil should be used in […]

22Jun 2019

Along with the rising demands of product fineness, fine-powder grinding technology is widely applied. The conveying facility of such equipment is bucket elevator. However, the capacity of elevator sometimes can be much lower than designed. According to operating experiences, we summerize some reasons and solutions. 1.Insufficient bucket loading Loading quantity directly influence the capacity of […]

08Jul 2019

Grinding feldspar, the selection of feldspar grinding equipment is very important. Guikuang has rich experience in processing feldspar, and provides professional GKW ring roller pulveris mill according to market development needs; further meet the needs of powder processing and production. GKW ring roller pulveris mill is used for grinding feldspar powder, which has the advantages […]

22Jul 2019

Milling 300 mesh powder, what kind of mill equipment can you choose? Guikuang provides excellent mill equipment, such as Raymond Mill, Vertical Mill, Ultra-fine Mill, Ultra-fine Vertical Mill and so on. These mills are excellent mill equipment that Guikuang team constantly innovates and improves. Among them, Raymond Mill is a specific 300-mesh mill equipment with […]

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