27Sep 2019

Activated carbon, has a very strong adsorption capacity, it can be converted from coal, wood, shell, walnut shells, almond shells, date shells and other carbon-rich organic material by pyrolysis. Activated carbon is mainly composed of more than 80% -90% of carbon. With the rapid development of market economy, the use of activated carbon grinding mill […]

30Oct 2019

Petroleum coke mill powder is been used in the glass industry, fineness requirements of 200mesh D90. Guikuang provides energy efficient petroleum coke mill-GK series pendulum mill, machine power 85-362kw, finished particle size 22-180μm, output 1-25t/h. China’s petroleum coke is mainly used in electrolytic aluminum industry, accounting for more than 65% of the total, followed by […]

28Nov 2019

Raymond Mill is a common milling equipment based on ordinary mills, which has been continuously improved and perfected to improve its production capacity. At present, there are many types of mills on the market, which leads to the user’s friends not knowing how to make a correct judgment when purchasing. Especially for customers who have […]

13Jan 2020

To grind heavy calcium powder, we need to use professional grinding equipment. So what is the high evaluation mill? If you need to grind 800 mesh heavy calcium powder, which grinding mill is more suitable? Guikuang provides customers with professional ultra-fine mill equipment to further meet the production demand of 325-2500 mesh powder, which is […]

17Apr 2020

Raymond Mill is mainly composed of a host machine, a fineness analysis machine, a finished product cyclone powder accumulator, a blower, a bag dust collector and a connecting air pipe. According to user needs, it can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as crusher, hoist, storage bin and electrical control cabinet. However, many users […]

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