As an ideal positive electrode material for power batteries, spinel lithium manganate has the advantages of abundant raw materials, environmental friendliness, and high safety performance. The theoretical specific capacity can reach 148mah/g. De-intercalation does not cause the collapse of the structure, so the spinel lithium manganate material has good cycle performance. So, what should I do if the lithium manganate ball mill is uneven? What lithium manganate mill equipment is used for the preparation of lithium manganate? The following is the answer from Guikuang Machinery, the manufacturer of lithium manganate vertical roller mill.

Studies have shown that if the material has low purity and irregular morphology, the side reactions between the electrode material and the electrolyte will increase, and the dissolution of manganese will be accelerated. With the increase of the number of charge and discharge, the Ginger Taylor effect of the lithium manganate cathode material will distort its internal structure, and the capacity of the material will decline seriously. At present, the conventional solid-phase method is used to prepare spinel lithium manganate in industry. The ball-milled mixture is subjected to high-temperature treatment. Generally, the high-temperature heat treatment for more than 15 hours can achieve uniform diffusion of raw material components in the micrometer range. The advantage of this method is low cost, but it is not suitable for target products with complex elements. This method cannot guarantee the uniform distribution of lithium salts and manganese salts. The prepared lithium manganate materials have uneven particle size and uneven morphology. rules, it is easier to cause side reactions between the electrode and the electrolyte, resulting in the attenuation of the material capacity. According to the results reported in the literature, the lithium nickel manganate prepared by the solid-phase ball milling method generally contains more impurity components, the specific capacity is not high, and the charge-discharge curve of the material is difficult to present a single charge-discharge platform. The reason is that the uniformity of raw material mixing is still not good. So, what should I do if the lithium manganate ball mill is uneven? What mill is used for the preparation of lithium manganate?

The GKLM lithium manganate grinding mill produced by Guikuang Machinery belongs to the lithium manganate vertical roller mill. The material of this equipment has a short residence time in the grinding mill, reducing repeated grinding, and the product particle shape is uniform and the particle size distribution is narrow, good fluidity, strong adaptability, and very little iron content in the product, high material purity, good crystallinity, regular morphology, and relatively dispersed particles, which increases the specific surface area of the material, thereby increasing the contact between the electrolyte and the material The area reduces the insertion/extraction resistance of lithium ions, and improves the discharge capacity and rate performance of the battery. In addition, the prepared lithium manganate material has a stable structure and is not easily damaged by side reactions with the electrolyte. The preparation process of the method is simple, the raw materials are cheap and easy to obtain, the material has good cycle stability, and it is easy to realize industrialized production.

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