One, High-pressure, high-density, low-pressure feed system of Pneumatic Conveying Equipment





Low-grade high-pressure, high-density, low-speed pneumatic conveying (dense phase conveying) has been used for 40 years in mixed material overseas. It not only solves the problem of classification, but also solves the problem of pollution and product material, which other forms of transport can not do. And pneumatic conveying has clear advantages in dust control, conveying distance and flexible trend of pipeline. Promotion of high-density plug flow method pneumatic conveying technology is the future trend of development.




Pneumatic Conveying Equipment




Two, Automation, intelligent development of System




Industry technical personnel has been to make unremitting efforts for it. Develop of automated information control system of Pneumatic Conveying, achieve real-time monitoring and remote data transmission of system, realize function of dynamic monitoring and data sharing to ensure the efficient operation of the system. Configure explosion automatic monitoring system, static elimination devices to ensure safe operation.




Three, develop safe, clean pneumatic conveying equipment


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