Spodumene roasting material in acidification roasting process is also known as roasting acidification material. The production process of lithium carbonate is formed by transforming spodumene concentrate for roasting, acidification roasting, leaching, purification treatment, concentration treatment, lithium precipitation treatment, cleaning, drying treatment, crushing and packaging, which is suitable for the production and application of raw materials of lithium-ion batteries. In order to improve the acid mixing and leaching effect of subsequent spodumene baking materials, spodumene baking materials are mostly ground to 200 mesh after the acidification roasting process. It is recommended to choose Guikuang’s GKLM ore vertical roller mill for spodumene baking materials powder grinding. The reasons are as follows:




Guikuang spodumene baking material powder vertical roller mill


Spodumene calcined material grinding requires uniform particles. GKLM spodumene baking material powder vertical roller mill of Guikuang has the advantage of narrow particle size distribution. The particle size distribution of spodumene calcined material powder produced by it is relatively concentrated, which can meet the requirements of spodumene calcined material grinding for uniform particles; The ore vertical mill has less material loss, which reduces the loss of spodumene baking material in the grinding process, so as to save resources and reduce production cost; The ore vertical mill can be started for 24 hours, which can meet the continuous production requirements of enterprises and improve the production efficiency of spodumene baking material grinding; The ore vertical roller mill is suitable for grinding hard materials. The hardness of spodumene raw materials has reached 6.5-7 Mohs hardness and the density is 3.03 ~ 3.22g/cm3; The ore vertical mill can withstand high-temperature operation. The temperature of spodumene calcined material is high. In the process, it directly enters the mill for grinding without cooling. The spodumene calcined material powder mill needs to withstand a certain high-temperature environment.




In addition, the ore vertical roller mill also has the advantages of low comprehensive investment cost, dust-free and environmental protection, low efficiency, high energy consumption, convenient maintenance, low operation cost and high degree of automation. It is an ideal equipment for spodumene baking material grinding process. In fact, many lithium carbonate manufacturers have chosen to use the ore vertical mill for the grinding of spodumene baking materials in the acidification roasting process.

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