Fly ash ultrafine mill is specially used to grind tiny ash particles with particle size between 1~100μm during coal combustion. Adding limestone, calcium carbonate and other additives, it can be processed into finished products of 7-45μm. A finished particle size of 3μm can be obtained after secondary classification. For more information on fly ash.




Guikuang has received many inquiries from customers: Why is the fly ash I see on the Internet milky white, but the fly ash produced by the fly ash ultrafine mill I purchased is gray and black? In fact, these two colors are fly ash. The color of fly ash reflects the carbon content and fineness of fly ash. In general, fly ash varies from milky white to gray-black. Milky white to gray-black varies. The darker the color of fly ash, the finer the particle size of fly ash, and the higher the carbon content.

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