The choice of mill manufacturer needs to be very careful. As a professional Raymond Mill supplier, Guikuang has rich experience, superb technology, can tailor-made configuration options, and is a favorite mill manufacturer by customers. Grinding kaolin powder, Guikuang recommended the new Raymond mill which can grind 80-600 mesh powder, and the mill performance is reliable, stable operation, fine classification accuracy, customers can adjust fineness according to their own needs, to meet the production needs of different powders.

1. Ramon mill is available for grinding kaolin.

Raymond mill is a new type of mill equipment innovatively manufactured by Guikuang. It can effectively increase the unit output of single equipment and reduce the energy consumption per unit output. The fineness of finished products can be arbitrarily adjusted between 80 and 400 meshes. Guikuang provides customers with complete systems of experimental research, process design, equipment manufacturing and supply, organization and construction, after-sales service, spare parts supply, skill training, etc. Powder service is the main powder equipment manufacturing enterprise and export base in China.

Grinding kaolin powder and Raymond mill are commonly used grinding equipment. They are also made by Guikuang for the sake of customers and take customers as the center. They cover a number of patented technologies, increase production capacity, reduce energy consumption and are very popular in the industry.

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