No matter in what kind of mechanical equipment, proper lubrication maintenance is indispensable. Especially for the equipment for producing calcium phosphate powder, proper quantity of lubrication can not only reduce the mutual friction damage between the components, but also take away the heat generated during the operation of the equipment in time, which plays a good role in heat dissipation. It has good anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect. For now, the Raymond mill equipment for producing calcium phosphate powder mainly has two methods of thin oil lubrication and dry oil lubrication. Let’s take a detailed look at it below.

The so-called thin oil lubrication is to use mineral lubricating oil as the lubricating material, so that during the operation of the calcium carbonate powder equipment, the thin oil lubrication system can not only reduce the friction resistance of the components in operation, but also can produce Heat, or have a good heat dissipation effect on the heat in the high temperature area.

Dry oil lubrication uses grease as a lubricating material and is widely used in production lines running at low speeds. If the operation environment of the equipment for producing calcium carbonate powder is relatively humid, or there is a lot of dust on the job site, we can use dry oil lubrication when it is necessary to prevent the friction surface from falling into the scale and water, and it is difficult to seal the bearing.

Of course, in the actual grinding and crushing production line, the choice of lubrication method for the equipment that produces calcium carbonate powder must be strictly implemented according to the regulations of different parts. Only by selecting the appropriate lubrication method for each lubrication point in accordance with the operating instructions can a better lubrication effect be achieved, ensure the flexibility of the component operation, and extend its service life.
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