Tailings are crushed and ground into small particles, and there are still many parts that can be used. Tailings also contain various mineral tissues, which can be fully utilized and effectively protect the ecological environment. Its main functions are:





1. Tailings are used as aggregate for concrete preparation to prepare concrete and increase concrete strength.




2. Tailings are added into cement as mixing material to save the consumption of cement aggregate and improve some properties of cement;




3. Used for building materials such as glass ceramics, building ceramics, tailings cement, glass products, tailings waste and unburned bricks;




4. Tailings can be used to make all kinds of bricks.




What equipment can be used to treat mine tailings more economically and environmentally friendly?


As a waste resource, tailings can greatly reduce the investment cost, and there is no need to worry about the lack of follow-up resources. In the rational utilization of waste, Guikuang recommends you to use GKLM series vertical mill. The tailings grinding mill equipment has good stability, reasonable grading, high efficiency and energy saving when grinding ore tailings.




GKLM Series Vertical Roller Mill:






【Product Fineness】22—180μm(80—600 mesh)




【Raw material moisture】≤15%




【Grindable material】Steel slag, water slag, slag, fly ash, bentonite, kaolin, calcite, fluorite and other minerals with Mohs hardness below grade 7.




What are the advantages of environment-friendly GKLM series vertical mill?


Firstly, GKLM series vertical mill solves the problem of how to deal with mine tailings, saving and environmental protection. It adopts a unique dust collection system and full negative pressure operation, and the dust collection rate reaches 99.9%. Secondly, the system also optimizes the structure, with small vibration and low noise. It solves the problem of “how to deal with mine tailings, saving and environmental protection”. At the same time, the equipment has a high degree of automation, can be operated remotely, save labor operation costs, and the selling price is reasonable.

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