What manufacturer sells professional calcite Raymond mill? GK is a mill equipment manufacturer that keeps pace with the times. In its deep development, GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine mill, ultra-fine vertical mill and other equipment have always been well received by customers in the powder industry. favorite. The fineness that can be ground can be between 80-2500 mesh, the fineness is uniform and fine, the particle shape is excellent, and the powder quality is good. It can grind many materials such as non-metallic mines, coal mines, solid waste residues and so on.

What I want to talk about here is the new upgraded Raymond mill equipment. Compared with the traditional mill,GK’s Raymond mill increases production and consumption, saves energy and reduces costs. The material to be ground is Mohs hardness below 7 , Various non-metallic mines with humidity within 6%. The following mainly introduces two types of Raymond mill equipment.

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